Have you seen how people are extremely loyal to their mothers? I have seen this in the Super Bowl, Hula Bowl, World series, and the final four. It is near the end of the game. One team is ahead enough that the celebration has begun. The camera begins focusing the sidelines of the winning team. And I hear them or I just read their lips saying, “Hi Mom!”

This tells us something. Think about it. Why is it always Mom? Why not a wife or a father? Why not that high school coach who taught them the basic skills? It is always Mom. People are extremely loyal to their mothers, because a mother’s love is so great. Even the physically strongest men in our society display their loyalty to their mothers for all to see.

Consider what mothers go through. First there is child birth. Now that men are in the delivery room - more and more we are beginning to respect what women go through. And once the child is born, most of the work of child raising - falls on the mothers.

A mother gives and gives and gives asking nothing in return. No matter what happens they still love. A person can commit an unspeakable crime and everyone will abandon that person. But their mother won’t. When everybody else fled in fear, Mary, the mother of Jesus was one of the few at the foot of the cross.

Mother’s love is unconditional and exceptional. It is a degree of love that is only fully expressed by the love of a mother. It is the kind of love that persists no matter what happen. Mother will give her life to save her child. People respond to that great love with an extreme loyalty.

Jesus taught us to call God “Father,” but God’s love is much like a motherlove. The Bible is full of examples of God’s “motherlove.” God is constantly feeding and nurturing his children. God is the one who gave us life, who breathed us into existence, just as our mothers birthed us into this world. And God is constantly giving for our benefit.

God cares for us as Good Shepherd. God provides for our every need. God takes us to green pastures and leads us beside still waters. And God protects us from all trials and troubles of this world.

Like a mother, God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. When others would flee, God remains steadfast. Just like a mother who stands by her child while others ridicule, mock and even crucify him. God is providing for our worldly needs by preparing a table for us.

God’s love is greater than any love a human can produce. “Mother love” is only a comparison that helps us understand God’s love. It helps us understand how loving and giving God’s love is. The most unconditional example of human love is a Mother’s love.

Jesus is the main example of God’s “Motherlove.” Jesus died for us. The basic expression of love is to give one’s life for another. (John 15:13) We see that expressed when a mother risks her life to save her child. Likewise, Jesus gave himself to suffer and die on the cross for us. Like a mother, Jesus was unselfishly giving his life so that his children could live.

The amazing thing is Jesus died for us even though we rejected him. God still loves us even though we spat upon him. One might think that God of the universe would crush people for treating him so badly. But God’s love does not depend on us loving him back. We reject God, and God hurts, but like a mother’s love - God’s love and mercy is unceasing.

When the Jews killed Jesus, God sent them the good news of the resurrection that they might repent and live. That is love. God could have condemned them once they killed Jesus. But instead God still promised them hope and new life. God continued to love them even though they rejected and mistreated Jesus. God loves us even though we do the same.

The problem is that most people don’t know this aspect of God’s love. They mistakenly think God is revengeful or mean. God is righteous, and God seeks justice. But it is more like the punishment that a loving mother gives a child. Its purpose is to keep the child safe. A mother punishes a child for playing with matches not to be mean but so that the child doesn’t burn herself.

God is loving and forgiving. Mother always love her child no matter how evil they get. God always love us no matter what we do. God loves us even though we reject him and hurt him. Even though we crucify him daily with our sin, he still loves us. He sent us the good news of that love. 

Love God and love your mother. God gave us life. God loves us. Let us love back by giving our whole lives to God.  Shalom and Amen!

Scriptures: John 10:11-18