Doubting Thomas!

Everyone calls Thomas “Doubting Thomas.”  But he had only doubted for a week.  He had a faithful life, and yet he gets nailed for his behavior in a week.  He started off doubting then he believed.

Sing Hosannas Every Day!

Palm Sunday is a very important holiday for the church.  It is a chance for us as disciples of Christ today to praise Christ as King.

I AM The Resurrection!

This story is about Jesus’ own death and resurrection.  First of all - we are reminded that this Mary who sent the note was the one who would soon anoint Jesus for burial.  When Jesus decided to go to Lazarus - the first response of the disciples was - that Jesus would be killed.  

Trust And Obey!

Faith is stepping out of our comfortable zone because God is calling us to.  It means trusting God’s promises and God’s word even though we don’t understand or can’t see how they are true.  Faith means taking a chance on a promise we don’t fully understand.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation!

We should look at how Jesus faced temptations.  We should learn from his example.  When we face temptations, which we do, we can resist them strongly.

Seeing With God’s Eyes!

We often judge by the outward appearance of things.  But God can see it all.  When God looks at a person, God sees not only their outward appearance but also their heart and soul.  An outward appearance can hide a terrible heart and a dead soul.  And no wonder Jesus called the Pharisees whited tombs full of dead men’s bones.  They were well painted on the outside, but inside they were all dead.

I Am The Living Water!

Come to the well.  Meet Jesus by the well.  He will give you living water.  Water that brings new life to the dead parts of our hearts and souls.  Once we have drunk of that water we will never be thirsty again.  Jesus is the Living Water. 

Looking For Christ?

When John heard from prison what Jesus was doing, he sent message to Jesus, saying, “Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?”  Jesus answered, “Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blinds receive their sight, the lames walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor have heard Good News.”

Prepare The Way Of The Lord!

In our Gospel reading today John the Baptist is calling the people to prepare.  John came out of the wilderness shouting, “Repent and prepare the way for the Lord.”  He is announcing the coming of a King.  In the ancient world when a king decided to visit a part of his kingdom he would send someone ahead of him to announce the coming of the king.  

Give Thanks.

As a nation of immigrants, Thanksgiving is truly our unique American holiday.  It recalls our immigrant roots.  It retells the story of a group of immigrants in a new and strange land fighting to survive.  It observes their struggle for freedom and represents our ongoing struggles for a future of liberty with hope.  It also recognizes God as the source of help in the midst of a difficult changing world.